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PPEF (Paris Public Education Foundation)

What is PPEF?
The Paris Public Education Foundation (PPEF) is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization. Its membership includes local civic and community leaders, former educators, businessmen, and others interested in the success of Paris Schools.

Its Mission: To develop and foster a supporting community relationship with the Paris R-II School District by offering teacher and school grants and other resources/services not now available to the school.

What are the Goals of PPEF?

1. To support and enhance policies established by the local school board.

2. To improve communication and provide a liaison between the school and community.

3. To restore and build public confidence in the school and broaden its support.

4. To obtain financial and nonfinancial resources for the school.

5. To support school improvement strategies.

6. To promote academic excellence through creative teaching and innovative teachers.

What has PPEF been doing?

  • Providing grants: Since its formation in 1993, PPEF has made approximately 40 grants totaling more than $15,000 to ' teachers to meet unfunded needs and improve their teaching environment, provide equipment, or give students opportunities they would not otherwise receive. Grants have run the gamut from microscopes and camcorders to resources for parent-involvement projects and computer teaching software to CPR aids, art lithographs, and play kitchen equipment. We have also funded special summer learning opportunities for children.
  • Managing scholarship funds for the school and select recipients.
  • Supervising funds for the formation of a vocational agricultural program.
  • Providing volunteers from its membership for an after-school homework lab
  • Arranging for transfer of used computer equipment from a community business to the school.
  • Overseeing a Speakers' Bureau: to share the knowledge about professions, occupations, or hobbies to enrich children's lives and contribute to their education.

What Can You Do?

Join us! PPEF is always looking for new members who care about the well-being of the Paris School System and have suggestions for new ways to support our teachers. We always need volunteers for the Speakers' Bureau, homework labs, and other projects.

Provide financial support!:

  • Individual contributions: We are supported nearly exclusively by gifts from businesses, organizations, and individual citizens. Again we are a 501C(3) nonprofit organization, and your gift is tax exempt. If you are a Paris graduate, please remind the other members of your class about PPEF at class reunions.
  • Memorials: Consider memorials to PPEF following the death of family members who were interested in the well-being of Paris Schools during their lifetime.
    " Bequests: A small request in a will
    might make a little difference to you or your heirs but could enable PPEF to fund a grant that would make a major impact on a classroom.
  • Give us your ideas! We welcome your input regarding issues that we should be assisting with, projects that might improve our school, or

Whom Should I Contact?

  • Michael Wilson: 660-327-5220/4779
  • Chuck Brazeale: 660-327-4181/4818
  • Marie Ebbesmeyer: 660-327-5037

Paris Public Education Foundation, Inc.

P.O. Box. 38 Paris, Mo 65275

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